Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Seasons Delights

Hi guys! Here are some of the deliciousness I’ve been having this Season. It has a bit of Danish dishes/sweets, Portuguese and Indian too! Hope you enjoy! Have a Great New Year! J

1st Picture: Risalamande med kirsebærsauce (Danish Rice Pudding with cherry sauce)
2nd Picture: Klejner (Danish sweet small cake)
3rd Picture: Brun Kartofler (Danish sweet potatoes)
4th Picture: Bolo Rei (Portuguese Christmas cake)
5th Picture: Broas Castelar (Portuguese Christmas sweet)
6th Picture: Black Cake (South Indian cake)

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Christmas Lights

Hi guys! Christmas is at our door step and what better way to enjoy the season and get the mood going than checking out the Christmas lights! It might be cold outside and you probably have to gear up with 3 or 4 jackets before leaving the house J, but it’s quite nice to see your city all lightened up for Christmas. Just enjoy the scenery and if it is too cold you can always have a hot chocolate or a cup of tea in a nearby coffee shop!

Enjoy the season! Thanks! 

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Folketinget in Københaven

For this post, I will keep it short because I am not a big fan of visiting museums and stuff like that and probably when you visit Copenhagen The Parliament is not quite the thing you go to see, but for someone like me, that doesn't quite see what is the point of visiting museums, I have to say that sometimes it is a good idea to make a change in your travelling habits, take off a day of sightseeing, visiting parks and check out some of those museums around town and you might get surprised with what you learn. Folketinget is the Danish word for “The Parliament” situated in Københaven (Copenhagen). Well I know… pronunciation is quite tricky! 
While visiting The Parliament I was impressed by how organized people have to be when you are inside, because obviously people are always running around for their meetings! And the rooms are amazing! In one of the pictures above you can even check out the big painting, with men sitting and talking to each other. It is a representation of the meeting held in the early 1900s to decide the right of women to vote. I also got a great opportunity to take a picture of the Grundloven, “The Constitutional Act of Denmark”. These are only few of the stuff I got to see during my visit to Folketinget, there was a lot more to see, that I am not mentioning, but it definitely changed my views about visiting these kind of attractions. 

Thank You and Happy Travels! :)

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Travelling solo? ‘No problemo’… here’s some ideas

Travelling by yourself shouldn’t be intimidating or a hassle. In my opinion everyone should do it at least once in a lifetime. Why? Because it’s a great challenge and a great way to embrace your individuality and independence. But there are a few things you got to do before you go out and about alone. Probably the most important step is to GET ORGANIZED! 
Yes, it might be boring to do it, but organization is key when you go travelling, it makes life easier. So get your note pad and start making notes and lists. I always start by making a list of things to do, a list of things to take and pack and a list of things I cannot forget the day I am travelling.
Now, the next step would be research. When you start making the list of things to do, you definitely need to research a lot. Yes, probably another boring thing to do, but really important. The internet is filled with information about things you can see during your visit, pictures about what you can see during your visit, blogs, comments of restaurants, food, hotels and all kinds of stuff. You can even check maps and routes, see the overview of the streets and all that jazz. So start researching and take lots of notes and don’t forget to save those web pages, because it might get handy when you are by yourself and you need to check stuff.

When you go travelling by yourself or even with family or friends you probably don’t worry too much, but travelling with cash is definitely a must for me, just because sometimes credit cards don’t work in some places and having some of that local currency, might even be cheaper than getting cash from a machine.

So, now you are daydreaming about your vacations in South America where you are enjoying that lovely sunny beach for a week… but hold on! You need to pack your luggage! One of the things that really come in handy for me, is the size of the luggage I take, because I don’t want to be carrying 2 or 3 suitcases by myself, when I am travelling, so my advice is that less baggage gives you less trouble! So make those difficult choices and take only the essentials!

Although English is a common international language, that almost everyone knows or learns, sometimes you might get in trouble, when you go to some place where no one understands what you want or where you want to go, maybe it can be because your pronunciation is bad, even if the place you want to get to is a 4 letter word, people will just make an effort for you to stand there making a fool of yourself for 20 minutes, before they even say they don’t understand what you want. Yes, that has happen to me…unfortunately! :(
Anyway, a simple solution I found to be less embarrassing is to write down the places you want to go, in the local language. Point it out when you feel a bit lost or even show a map that you have picked out from the local tourist center and point it out.

The day has come and now you are ready to go to the airport! Yupi!!! Hurraaa! So just check your list of things you cannot forget to do before you go. I always add in that list things like: “calling taxi” , “passport”, “check-in online”, “phone charger” and “camera”. And that is it guys. So relax, enjoy and don’t be too worried because travelling alone is a must in life!

Thank You and Safe Travelling!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

That time in Dubrovnik

Travelling by bus might not be the best idea, but it’s by far the best way to see a lot of stuff in a couple of days, without having to be over tired with driving and of course, you can also enjoy the scenery and in my case sleep in the bus! Yes, I know… it’s extremely annoying to people, when someone is at the back of the bus growling when someone is talking, but  sometimes you cannot help it. Your body’s got to do what your body’s got to do! LOL
This time I decided to travel to Croatia and visit Dubrovnik. I can only yarn when I think of it and it might be a little bit crazy to say this, but is goddamn beautiful! The city is made of stone and bricks placed in an organized and well thought way and it’s surrounded by the beautiful Adriatic Sea. It actually makes you think of how mankind can be so inventive and creative when it comes to building cities.

I arrived Dubrovnik by bus during the night, the immensity and dimension of the walls of Dubrovnik made me realize its greatness. Seeing a city by night is as amazing and wonderful as seeing the city during the day. You have to walk through the small streets and look at the surroundings. The next day, pass through those streets again and you will be amazed by the things you saw and the things you didn't see during the night. You definitely have to be prepared to walk during your visit in Dubrovnik, so don’t forget to pack your trainers or your most comfortable shoes, because the walls of Dubrovnik are quite massive and extensive. Take time to walk the walls, because there are a lot of historical sites you can identify from the top of the walls. You can even brag a little bit, if you are a Game of Thrones enthusiast like me, but don’t get too cocky! A boat ride is also always a good idea to see the city from another point of view, just don’t forget that it might be a bit chilly!
By the end of the day, you can relax and enjoy the sun set by the sea, take it in and give your senses a moment to embrace the beauty!

Thanks and Happy Travels!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The amazing view from the Mourish Castle in Portugal (Castelo dos Mouros)

The Mourish Castle is just the best place to visit if you’re ever in the Lisbon area. It’s in Sintra. A wonderful and romantic town, filled with narrow little streets and shops, were it is best appreciated when you go walking. To get to the Castle you can go walking up the hill, catch the bus or by car. This time I went by car and it was quite a challenge, because the road is very narrow and curvy! LOL But I can guarantee than whatever way you decide to take, the reward is breath taking and amazing. From a far, the walls of the Castle can not be seen, it was built in such a way, that you can see far away into the Atlantic Ocean and into the city of Lisbon, the perfect way to be prepared from enemy attacks.

Well, I am not the most fit person or do I go to the fitness center or gym to do a full workout session of 3h, like most people do, so walking up the narrow stairs made of stones can be quite tiring and if you are a bit like me after climbing a few steps you will be out of breath. But don’t worry, I have the perfect solution for that. You can just stop when you feel tired, take a deep breath of that purified wave of fresh air coming from the Ocean, relax and enjoy the view. When you are ready, you can continue your journey up the stairs.

If you are the kind that likes nature you would definitely enjoy the visit and even if you are not a nature kind of person, I can assure you that the view from above is magnificent! As geeky as I am I borrowed some binoculars and from the top I could see Lisbon all the way to the river Tagus and the bridge- Ponte 25 de Abril. The weather was great, sunny and no clouds were on sight, it was just the perfect day!  

You can also enjoy the beautiful wild flora that surrounds the Castle and if you are a plant enthusiast you will find plants that are not found that often. After this spectacular visit around the Castle and Sintra you can finally enjoy a visit to Piriquita. An amazing coffee shop, where you can put your taste buds into a challenge and eat some of that delicious Travesseiro, a sweet pastry made by the gods! That will definitely kill your diet, but after all that walking and climbing it is well worth! It is so good that you will not be able to eat just one, so order double for each person and everyone will be satisfied.

Thanks a lot and happy travels!