Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Seasons Delights

Hi guys! Here are some of the deliciousness I’ve been having this Season. It has a bit of Danish dishes/sweets, Portuguese and Indian too! Hope you enjoy! Have a Great New Year! J

1st Picture: Risalamande med kirsebærsauce (Danish Rice Pudding with cherry sauce)
2nd Picture: Klejner (Danish sweet small cake)
3rd Picture: Brun Kartofler (Danish sweet potatoes)
4th Picture: Bolo Rei (Portuguese Christmas cake)
5th Picture: Broas Castelar (Portuguese Christmas sweet)
6th Picture: Black Cake (South Indian cake)

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Christmas Lights

Hi guys! Christmas is at our door step and what better way to enjoy the season and get the mood going than checking out the Christmas lights! It might be cold outside and you probably have to gear up with 3 or 4 jackets before leaving the house J, but it’s quite nice to see your city all lightened up for Christmas. Just enjoy the scenery and if it is too cold you can always have a hot chocolate or a cup of tea in a nearby coffee shop!

Enjoy the season! Thanks!