Friday, 16 January 2015

The Lapland Experience

Hey guys! Hope you’re doing well in the New Year! Today’s post is about Lapland in Sweden. Lapland is such a beautiful place to visit. Starting your journey with the train heading to Kiruna, the land of the mining industry, as I like to say! During this journey you will find yourself crossing the Arctic Circle! Exciting experience, knowing that you will be at the northernmost part of the planet!

The air is pure and the sights are covered by mountains that resemble something taken from a movie. The trees and wildlife are kept untouched by men (as much as possible) and I hope it will remain for years to come. The waters from the lakes and rivers make you powerless by their strength and peacefulness.

I stayed in for the night in the Nikkaluokta Lodge, well... the accommodations were awesome, but the night never arrived. I was experiencing the summer solstice and by midnight the sun was still above the horizon. At around 3o’clock in the morning the sun was still shinning and it went a little bit down and up again, it was almost unnoticeable but stunning.

During the day, I went around to check up the surroundings and meet some locals, the Sami people. The only thing that really bothered me during my visit was the mosquitos, I really hate them and it was so annoying when I was trying to take pictures and these “tiny blood sucking vampires” were ruining everything!! So be prepared for that, when you visit the mountains in Lapland. Anyway, Lapland is definitely a place to visit and admire and if you really want to enjoy it, you definitely have to go across the borders to Norway and experience it in a completely different way. 

Thank you! :)

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