Monday, 13 April 2015

About Plitvice Lakes

You know what is funny about travelling? You think you know what to expect but you don’t, at least not until you are actually at the place your visiting and actually breathing, feeling and touching the places you are going to visit. Yes, the internet is there to help you, that’s the funny part, because probably you know somebody that talks a lot about places in the world and knows a lot about the culture and stuff, but hasn't actually been there! So the point is that knowing and researching about stuff is good, but travelling to the places is even more fun. Of course you can research and have that knowledge about the places, make it part of your bucket list and maybe someday you will finally decide to go there! That is how I feel when I think about Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. I read about it and saw the pictures on the internet, but when I was up close it was just breath taking.

After a 2 nights stay in Dubrovnik, as you must remember from a previous post, I headed to Plitvice. The day was sunny. The way I like it! Great for sightseeing, but not so great for picture taking (the pictures were overexposed)! LOL

But anyway I did get to capture some good moments out there and relive them every time I look at the pictures. 

The visit began with a boat ride on the lakes Kozjak and Glovac. The waters were calm and peaceful and it was a very enjoyable ride. After the boat ride the walk into the park was also pleasant and not tiring at all. You start watching the small lakes, turning into waterfalls and then turning into some amazing big lakes, that have amazing big and tall waterfalls. The surrounding forest makes it all come together and all seems to be kept untouched. The park itself was so big and had so many paths one could follow, that when I got at the end, it seemed like there was more to see. It is truly a place worth visiting. So keep it in your bucket list... hurry up! And go visit the lakes, let me know how it went.

Take care! :)

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