Wednesday, 15 October 2014

That time in Dubrovnik

Travelling by bus might not be the best idea, but it’s by far the best way to see a lot of stuff in a couple of days, without having to be over tired with driving and of course, you can also enjoy the scenery and in my case sleep in the bus! Yes, I know… it’s extremely annoying to people, when someone is at the back of the bus growling when someone is talking, but  sometimes you cannot help it. Your body’s got to do what your body’s got to do! LOL
This time I decided to travel to Croatia and visit Dubrovnik. I can only yarn when I think of it and it might be a little bit crazy to say this, but is goddamn beautiful! The city is made of stone and bricks placed in an organized and well thought way and it’s surrounded by the beautiful Adriatic Sea. It actually makes you think of how mankind can be so inventive and creative when it comes to building cities.

I arrived Dubrovnik by bus during the night, the immensity and dimension of the walls of Dubrovnik made me realize its greatness. Seeing a city by night is as amazing and wonderful as seeing the city during the day. You have to walk through the small streets and look at the surroundings. The next day, pass through those streets again and you will be amazed by the things you saw and the things you didn't see during the night. You definitely have to be prepared to walk during your visit in Dubrovnik, so don’t forget to pack your trainers or your most comfortable shoes, because the walls of Dubrovnik are quite massive and extensive. Take time to walk the walls, because there are a lot of historical sites you can identify from the top of the walls. You can even brag a little bit, if you are a Game of Thrones enthusiast like me, but don’t get too cocky! A boat ride is also always a good idea to see the city from another point of view, just don’t forget that it might be a bit chilly!
By the end of the day, you can relax and enjoy the sun set by the sea, take it in and give your senses a moment to embrace the beauty!

Thanks and Happy Travels!

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