Saturday, 1 November 2014

Travelling solo? ‘No problemo’… here’s some ideas

Travelling by yourself shouldn’t be intimidating or a hassle. In my opinion everyone should do it at least once in a lifetime. Why? Because it’s a great challenge and a great way to embrace your individuality and independence. But there are a few things you got to do before you go out and about alone. Probably the most important step is to GET ORGANIZED! 
Yes, it might be boring to do it, but organization is key when you go travelling, it makes life easier. So get your note pad and start making notes and lists. I always start by making a list of things to do, a list of things to take and pack and a list of things I cannot forget the day I am travelling.
Now, the next step would be research. When you start making the list of things to do, you definitely need to research a lot. Yes, probably another boring thing to do, but really important. The internet is filled with information about things you can see during your visit, pictures about what you can see during your visit, blogs, comments of restaurants, food, hotels and all kinds of stuff. You can even check maps and routes, see the overview of the streets and all that jazz. So start researching and take lots of notes and don’t forget to save those web pages, because it might get handy when you are by yourself and you need to check stuff.

When you go travelling by yourself or even with family or friends you probably don’t worry too much, but travelling with cash is definitely a must for me, just because sometimes credit cards don’t work in some places and having some of that local currency, might even be cheaper than getting cash from a machine.

So, now you are daydreaming about your vacations in South America where you are enjoying that lovely sunny beach for a week… but hold on! You need to pack your luggage! One of the things that really come in handy for me, is the size of the luggage I take, because I don’t want to be carrying 2 or 3 suitcases by myself, when I am travelling, so my advice is that less baggage gives you less trouble! So make those difficult choices and take only the essentials!

Although English is a common international language, that almost everyone knows or learns, sometimes you might get in trouble, when you go to some place where no one understands what you want or where you want to go, maybe it can be because your pronunciation is bad, even if the place you want to get to is a 4 letter word, people will just make an effort for you to stand there making a fool of yourself for 20 minutes, before they even say they don’t understand what you want. Yes, that has happen to me…unfortunately! :(
Anyway, a simple solution I found to be less embarrassing is to write down the places you want to go, in the local language. Point it out when you feel a bit lost or even show a map that you have picked out from the local tourist center and point it out.

The day has come and now you are ready to go to the airport! Yupi!!! Hurraaa! So just check your list of things you cannot forget to do before you go. I always add in that list things like: “calling taxi” , “passport”, “check-in online”, “phone charger” and “camera”. And that is it guys. So relax, enjoy and don’t be too worried because travelling alone is a must in life!

Thank You and Safe Travelling!

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