Saturday, 15 November 2014

Folketinget in Københaven

For this post, I will keep it short because I am not a big fan of visiting museums and stuff like that and probably when you visit Copenhagen The Parliament is not quite the thing you go to see, but for someone like me, that doesn't quite see what is the point of visiting museums, I have to say that sometimes it is a good idea to make a change in your travelling habits, take off a day of sightseeing, visiting parks and check out some of those museums around town and you might get surprised with what you learn. Folketinget is the Danish word for “The Parliament” situated in Københaven (Copenhagen). Well I know… pronunciation is quite tricky! 
While visiting The Parliament I was impressed by how organized people have to be when you are inside, because obviously people are always running around for their meetings! And the rooms are amazing! In one of the pictures above you can even check out the big painting, with men sitting and talking to each other. It is a representation of the meeting held in the early 1900s to decide the right of women to vote. I also got a great opportunity to take a picture of the Grundloven, “The Constitutional Act of Denmark”. These are only few of the stuff I got to see during my visit to Folketinget, there was a lot more to see, that I am not mentioning, but it definitely changed my views about visiting these kind of attractions. 

Thank You and Happy Travels! :)

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